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What are notes and how to use them

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You can add notes in Uptick about yourself or about the people who report to you in Uptick. Notes are always private, and they are separate from 1:1s.

While you can always look at your 1:1 history through using the Search tool, the added benefit of writing notes in Uptick is that they can be directly inserted when writing a performance review through Uptick.

Notes can be created any time by:

Create a note in Uptick

Create a note for yourself on the Notes page

All users have the Notes page in Uptick where you can add a note about yourself. (If you're a manager in Uptick your Notes page is found under "More" in the main menu.)

Notes are private and only visible to you. Each note is automatically date-stamped, and you can choose to categorize them.

Managers can add notes for each of their team members via the My Team page

In addition to the Notes page, managers have a My Team page that has the same functionality where you can add a note for any of your team members.

Notes are private and only visible to the manager. Each note is automatically date-stamped, and you can choose to categorize them.

How to create a new note

Click "(+) Add a Note" in the top right corner of the page.

A window will appear, where you type your text and click "Add a Note" to save.

Once the note is saved, it will appear at the top of the page as "Untagged". See below for info on tagging notes and editing or deleting notes.

Create a new note by saving a 1:1 comment

When writing a comment in a 1:1, you'll see an option to mark the comment as "Save for review". This can be done before or after you add your comment, and it saves an exact copy of the text you've written as a note.

  • If you click "save for review" on a comment that you are writing in your 1:1 with your manager (you are the team member), it will go under your Notes page.

  • If you click "save for review" on a comment you are writing in a 1:1 for your team member (you are the manager), the text will be saved as a note under that team member's name via the My Team page.

Once you've typed your comment, click the "save for review" option before clicking "Add". Or once you've added your comment, hover over the comment and you'll see a 3-dot menu appear next to it. Click the menu, and select "save for review". A purple bookmark icon appears next to any comment that's been saved.

Tagging notes

The categories you can choose to tag your notes with correspond with the categories of questions that are available when setting up a performance review in Uptick.

Tagging your notes is optional – when filling out a review you will also always have the option to "view all" notes.

To tag your notes:

  • Navigate to the Notes page, or My Team page and click on a team member

  • Any notes you have saved from a 1:1 will appear at the top, untagged

  • Click the "Add a Tag" button on the note and choose a topic from the list

Editing or deleting notes

To edit or delete a note, on the Notes page or via the My Team page, click on a note itself and these options will appear on the far right.

If the note was originally saved from a comment in a 1:1, the comment itself will not be edited or deleted. Only that specific note will be changed.

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