Reminders help capture real-time thoughts by prompting a user to respond to a predetermined question, and the response is saved as a note. 

Managers can add personal reminders, reminders about their team, or reminders for their team.

Team members can only add personal reminders.

Adding reminders

Click on “Reminders” in the left-hand navigation (on mobile, the 3-line icon in the top left corner).

On the right side of the page, click the green link (+) Add A New Reminder.

A pop-up window will appear titled Schedule An Automatic Reminder, and it will walk you through the setup steps:

  • Managers will have an initial option to choose which type of reminder they would like to set up.
  • Select a reminder topic from the dropdown menu, then click Next. If you want to write your own question, select ‘No Topic’ or ‘Other’. Selecting one of the preset topics will auto-generate questions to choose from on the next screen.
  • Select which question you’d like to use from the dropdown menu, or write in your own. Click Next.
  • Choose the frequency of the reminder by selecting or deselecting the days of the week. Click Next.
  • Choose the time of day for the reminder by selecting from the beginning or end-of-day presets, or select your own time.
  • Click Add A Reminder to complete the setup. 

Viewing reminders

Under My Reminders, team members will see two subsections: About Me and From My Manager.

Managers will see the My Reminders section as well as an additional section of Assigned To My Team.


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