People are more productive when they know they’re working on the right things! Priority-tracking in Uptick helps create clarity and accountability to increase productivity.

How do priorities work?

Priorities are not meant to be a full to-do list, but truly the top things to get done before the next 1:1. They are led by the team member, not the manager.

The team member inputs their priorities, and the manager can see them appear on the My 1:1s page. Once the team member has shared their 1:1, the manager can review the list of priorities and comment on the section, or add/edit/delete priorities from the list. We always recommend you talk through the priorities and refine them in the 1:1 meeting!

How a team member fills out priorities

The first question asks how you did on completing your priorities from the previous 1:1. (Note: This question does not appear in the initial 1:1.)

Priorities can be checked off as completed or carried over. If no action is taken on a priority, it will drop off the list for the following 1:1.

The second question is where priorities are set. Add each priority, and they can be edited or deleted as needed.

Priorities immediately become visible to your manager on the My 1:1s page as you are completing the questions. However, your manager will only be able to see your full responses once you have shared your 1:1.

Both manager and team member have the ability to edit, delete, or add a priority before the manager marks the 1:1 as complete.

Once the manager has completed the 1:1, the priorities are set.

Managers - viewing data on priorities

Managers are able to see each team member's priorities on the My 1:1s page, and also on the manager's dashboard page.

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