People are more productive when they know they’re working on the right things! Priority tracking in Uptick helps create clarity and accountability to increase productivity.

How do priorities work?

Priorities are not meant to be a full to-do list, but truly the top things to get done before the next 1:1.

There are two priorities questions that are connected to each other: In the first question, the priorities are pulled in from the previous 1:1 and the team member checks them off as complete or carries them over. In the second question, the team member sets new priorities for the next meeting.

The team member is the one who inputs their priorities, and the manager can see them appear on the My 1:1s page. Once the team member has shared their 1:1 responses, the manager can review the list of priorities and comment on the section, or add/edit/delete priorities from the list.

We always recommend you talk through the priorities and refine them in the 1:1 meeting!

Adding the priority tracking question to a 1:1

When setting up or editing a 1:1, you'll see the option to use the priority tracking question.

All you have to do is click to add it to the 1:1, and that's it! There is nothing else that needs to be done to set up the priorities questions.

Priorities are added by the team member when filling out their 1:1.

How a team member fills out priorities

There are two priorities questions:

  1. Were you able to accomplish the priorities from our last 1:1?

  2. What priorities will you focus on getting done for our next 1:1?

For your very first 1:1, all you will see is the question where you set priorities.

Click "Add Priority" to start adding a priority. Each priority is added in list-form, and there is no limit to how many can be added (although we encourage 5 or less - it is meant to focus your work on actual priorities, not a full to-do list).

In your second and following 1:1s, you will see both priorities questions.

The first question asks how you did on completing your priorities set in the previous 1:1. Priorities can be checked off as completed, or carried over if not finished. If no action is taken on a priority, it will drop off the list for the following 1:1.

The second question is where priorities are set. Add each priority, and they can be edited or deleted as needed.

Priorities immediately become visible to your manager on the My 1:1s page as you are completing the questions. However, your manager will only be able to see your full responses once you have shared your 1:1.

Both manager and team member have the ability to edit, delete, or add a priority before the manager marks the 1:1 as complete.

Once the manager has completed the 1:1, the priorities are set.

Managers - viewing data on priorities

Managers are able to see each team member's priorities on the My 1:1s page, as well as an overall chart of progress on the manager's dashboard page.

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