There is a goal tracking section in Uptick that aims at high-level, long-term projects or goals that a team member works towards accomplishing.

  • Goals are entered and managed for the team member by the manager.

  • Goals should be specific and measurable.

  • Goals should ideally be completable in a period of months (versus days or weeks).

Need some tips on how to set Goals? See how to create goals for your team.

Your "Goals" term might say "Objectives", "Initiatives", "Rocks", etc.

Whatever term your account uses, that's what this article refers to!

An Admin on the account can change the term app-wide. (Admin page > Account Settings > "Goal label")

Note: If any 1:1s have been created or saved as drafts prior to changing the term, those 1:1s will not reflect the change and will need to be updated individually.

Goals in Uptick: using the goal tracking question

If you have annual goals, quarterly goals, initiatives, long-term projects (etc.) that you want your team member to work towards, using Uptick's goal tracking question allows you to input those items, and track progress on them every time you meet with your team member.

When creating or editing a 1:1, you can add in the goal tracking question to a question set or an individual 1:1.

Add or manage goals for a team member on the "Edit questions" step of the 1:1 setup.

If you are using the goals question for a brand new team member, you will see it outlined in yellow, requiring at least 1 goal to be added before the 1:1 can be created. Click "Start adding Goals".

If your team member already has goals set for them, they will automatically appear. Otherwise, just start typing or click "+ New Goal".

  • Click on the text to edit

  • Click "+ New Goal" at the bottom to add a goal

  • Click the archive icon to remove a goal from future 1:1s. Once a goal is archived, that action cannot be undone. If you archived a goal by mistake, you can re-add it as a new goal.

Once you are done, click the X in the top right corner of the window to close out of the goals window.

How to change goals - add, edit, and archive

Goals... initiatives... objectives... whatever term your account uses, here's how managers can edit them for their team members:

Manage goals via the goals question in the 1:1:

Once a team member has shared their 1:1 responses, you can open the 1:1 and manage the goals directly from the question itself, either ahead of or during your 1:1 meeting. (Make sure to talk through any changes with your team member!)

Click the blue "Manage Goals" button, and any changes you make will be shown immediately.

Manage goals via editing the 1:1:

On the My 1:1s page, select a team member's active 1:1 from the left sidebar. From the Actions menu in the top right, click "Edit", and this will bring you into the 1:1 setup.

Click "Next" or click to go to the "Edit questions" step. Locate the goals question, and click "Manage".

If you are editing goals via the 1:1 setup, you will need to click "Next" in the upper right corner and then "Update 1:1" to save your changes (and any other changes you made to the 1:1). 

How a team member responds to the goals question

Team members are able to see the goals that their manager has set up for them in the goals question of their 1:1. goals

If you have made progress on a goal, then click the checkbox. If a goal has been fully completed, you can also mark off the goal as "done". Make sure to write comments on your progress!

Goals show up under the goals question in every 1:1, which means that if you marked off progress on a goal in the last 1:1, the next 1:1 will again give you a fresh opportunity to report progress. Any goals that have been marked as "done" will stay that way until the manager archives them.

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