Objectives is a default section in Uptick that refers to high-level, long-term projects or goals that a team member works towards accomplishing. Objectives should be specific and measurable, and ideally completable in a period of months (versus days or weeks).
Need some tips on how to set objectives? Check out the article how to set objectives for your team.

How to set objectives in a new 1:1

The manager sets objectives for their team member(s). When setting up a new 1:1, the objectives question appears at the top as an Uptick default. Click the blue button to add objectives for your team member. 

If you do not want to set objectives, you can delete the question and it will be saved as an option to re-add later on.

A new window will appear. Start typing to add an objective, then hit Enter on your keyboard or click outside the field to save. 

To edit an objective, click on the text and it will allow you to edit. To delete an objective, click on the trash icon.

(Note: the trash icon only appears when you have added a new objective. Once an objective has been set up for a 1:1, then you are only able to archive the objective.)

When you are finished adding objectives, click the X in the top right corner of the window to close the objectives window.

How to change objectives - add, edit, and archive

Objectives can be added, edited, or archived by editing the 1:1. This can only be done by the manager. 

On the My 1:1s page, click on the team member whose objectives you want to edit. From the Actions menu in the top right, click "Edit", and this will bring you into the 1:1 setup.

  • Under "Setup Steps" click "What will you talk about?"
  • Locate the objectives question (or whatever term your organization uses for objectives)
  • Click the blue button "Manage"

A new window will appear, displaying the current objectives. 

  • Click on the objective text to edit
  • Click "+ New Objective" at the bottom to add an objective
  • Click the archive icon to remove an objective from future 1:1s. Once an objective is archived, that action cannot be undone. If you archived an objective by mistake, you can re-add it as a new objective.

Once all edits to objectives have been made, click the X in the top right corner of the window to close out of the objectives window. 

You will then need to click "Update 1:1" in the top right corner of the questions setup page to save your changes (and any other changes you made to the 1:1).


How a team member marks progress on objectives

When filling out a 1:1, team members are able to check off that they have made progress on an objective, complete an objective, and add comments on the section as a whole.


How to change the term "Objectives"

Admins can change the objectives label name for the entire company account by going to their Admin page > Account Settings > Objective label. This changes the term app-wide wherever "objectives" is used, as well as in any new 1:1s that are created going forward.

(Important note: if any 1:1s have been created or saved as drafts prior to changing the label account-wide, those 1:1s will not reflect the label change and will need to be updated individually.)

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