A talking point is “anything else” you want to remember to talk about in a 1:1 meeting that is not covered by the questions in the 1:1. It’s like jotting down a quick note, but you can do it right in Uptick.
Talking points are private. If a manager adds a talking point for a team member, only the manager can view it. If a team member adds a talking point, only they can view it.

Adding talking points

On the My 1:1s page, talking points appear at the top of the page for each person. Talking points can be added, completed, edited, and deleted.

Talking points are not tied to a specific 1:1 - they appear until they have been completed or deleted. 

How to view talking points during the 1:1 meeting

When viewing a 1:1, talking points appear in top right of the screen. Click to expand the view.

Talking points can also be added, completed, edited, or deleted from this view.

To complete a talking point, click the checkbox. To edit or delete, click on the 3 dots that appear to the right of each talking point. 

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