An overview of reviews in Uptick

How Uptick's review process works and how to view the status of a review

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Reviews are account-wide, which means that the same evaluation form and review cycle dates are used for everyone in Uptick. However, people can be excluded from a review cycle if it is not applicable for them to complete a performance review.

Steps in the review cycle process

Admins: Setting up reviews

Admins are the only users who can create and manage review cycles, and edit the evaluation form.

  • Step 1: Edit the evaluation form (once a review cycle is set up, the form is locked in for that cycle).

  • Step 2: Set up a review cycle

  • Step 3: Set the review cycle live when you're ready to start reviews.

The review cycle process

  • Step 1: Self evaluation – completed by all users in the review cycle that have a manager.

  • Step 2: Manager evaluation – the manager sees the self evaluation and then adds their comments and scores (optional).

  • Step 3: The approver approves the evaluation.

  • Step 4: The manager shares the completed (approved) evaluation with the team member.

  • Step 5: The team member signs off on the evaluation.

Ready to get started with reviews? See How to set up reviews

An overview of reviews

When an Admin starts a review cycle, an email notification goes out to each person being reviewed letting them know that they can start filling out the self evaluation.

At any point when filling out or viewing a review (for the team member, manager, approver, an Admin, etc.) click on the side menu in the upper right to see details and progress:

The side menu displays all the review steps, and you will see available actions per your role, such as previewing or submitting the evaluation.

Once a self evaluation is completed, the manager is notified via email and they can then start their own evaluation of the team member.

Once the manager has completed their evaluation, the approver is notified. The approver views the review and approves each section. Once completed and approved, then the review is back in the manager's court to share with their team member.

Note: We believe it's important for manager and team member to meet and go over the review together.

When the review is shared with the team member they receive an email letting them know their review has been completed, and they are prompted to digitally sign off on their review.

Once the team member has typed their digital signature, the review process for that team member is finished.

How to view the status of a review / Admin actions

Admin can see the status of reviews and take actions such as re-opening a manager's evaluation, if revision is desired.

Go to the Review Cycles page and click on "view this review cycle" at the top, if it is an active cycle, or click on the 3-dot menu to the right of a review cycle name, and choose “Manage Reviews”.

When the review cycle opens you'll see the names of everyone being reviewed and their review status.

To change the approver on a review or reopen a review step, click the 3-dot menu on the far right and choose “Edit Review”. You will see options to reopen the review steps, as well as an option to skip that team member's review entirely.

If a step is reopened or approval is rolled back, the content already written will remain there unless it is edited.

Have a question, or want help setting up reviews for your account? Send us a message – we'd love to help!

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