In Uptick, reviews are account-wide, which means that all users in the account will have the same evaluation form and review cycle. Admins are the only users who can create and manage review cycles, including the evaluation form.

An overview of reviews

First, a review cycle is set up with the correct evaluation form and due dates for managers, team members and approvers by an Admin on the account. Review cycles and the evaluation form are accessed via the Admin page.

See How to set up a review cycle.

When an Admin starts the review cycle, all users are notified via email to complete a self-evaluation.

Once a self evaluation is completed, the manager is notified via email and they can then start their own evaluation of the team member. (Both managers and team members can use notes taken throughout the quarter to bring specificity to the reviews.)

(Important: In order to submit a self evaluation or a manager evaluation, you have to click complete at the bottom of each section.)

The slideout or side tray menu on the right lets you know what hasn't been completed, and it's where you "submit" when you are done.

Once the manager has completed their evaluation, the approver is notified (the approver is designated by the Admin at the time the review cycle is set up). The approver indicates approval for each section in a review, and then it’s ready for the manager to share with the team member.

For sharing the review, we would encourage that the manager would first set up a meeting with the team member where they talk through the review together. We believe this is an important step, as both manager and team member can give context to their evaluation comments. At the end of the meeting the manager can then share the review in Uptick.

When the review is shared with the team member, they receive an email letting them know their review has been completed and they are prompted to digitally sign off on it. Once the team member has written their digital signature, the review process for that team member is finished.

How to view the status of a review / Admin actions

At any point in the process, an Admin can see the status of reviews and take actions such as re-opening a manager's evaluation, if revision is desired.

Go to the Review Cycles page and click the 3-dot menu to the right of a review cycle name, and click “Manage Reviews”.

There you will see the names of everyone in your Uptick account and their review status. Click the 3-dot menu next to a name and choose “Edit Review”. You will see options to re-open the different steps of the review process, as well as an option to "skip" that team member's review.

If a section is re-opened or approval is rolled-back, information already recorded will remain there unless it is edited.

Want help setting up reviews for your account or have a question? Send us a message using the blue chat icon!

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