Users with Admin, Owner, or Manager account status can take certain actions on the Users page to edit other user accounts. (Also see: Navigating the Users page)

Edit a user's name and email

You can change your own name and email under My Profile, by clicking on your photo or initials in the top right corner of your Uptick account.

If a user hasn't confirmed their account yet (noted by the option to click the blue button "Send Invite" or "Resend Invite" on the Users page), an Admin can change the user's name and email. Maybe you spelled a name wrong, or the user isn’t seeing an email invitation because their email was entered incorrectly... mistakes happen! Just click on their name on the Users page to open the edit window, edit the name or email, and save your changes.

If you click on a user who has already confirmed their account (no option to "Send Invite" or "Resend Invite" on the Users page), you'll notice that the name and email sections are grayed out. Since they’ve successfully joined Uptick, only that user can edit their information.

Change a user's title

An Admin can change any user’s title from the Users page. If you’re a Manager, but not an Admin, you can change the title of the users assigned to you.

Click on a user’s name to open the edit window. Type the user’s new title and save your changes. The user’s updated title will appear under their name on the Users page.

Change a user's manager

Only an Admin can change a user’s manager.

Click the user’s name. Under “Current Manager” click the dropdown displaying the manager name and select the new manager. All users who are currently managers will be listed first, alphabetically, followed by all other users, also in alphabetical order. You will also have the option to choose “Has no manager”.

If you select “Has no manager,” you will see a label appear next to the user's name on the Users page, noting this.

Change user's account permissions - Admin, Owner

A user's account permissions are noted with labels on the Users page:

"Manager" is an automatically-assigned label when that user sets up their first 1:1 with a team member, or if a user is made a manager from the User's page via another team member being assigned to them.

For additional account permissions, click on a user's name to open the edit window. Under “Additional Permissions,” you’ll see “None,” “Admin,” and “Owner.”

"Admin" permissions give a user access to manage account settings, and to set up and manage reviews, review cycles, and the reviews evaluation form. Any Admin can make another user an Admin. There is no limit currently to the number of account Admins.

"Owner" is a role automatically assigned to the first person who created an Uptick account for your organization, and they automatically are given Admin privileges. If you would like to change who the account owner is, you will need to contact Uptick at [email protected] or send a chat message in-app and the team will help you out!

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