Uptick users with Admin, Owner, or Manager account status can take certain actions on the Users page to edit user accounts.

On the Users page, click on a person's name to view their account details:

Once the user has verified their email (confirmed their account), their name and email fields are greyed out and can only be updated by the user themselves.

A user can update their name or change their email on the My Profile page (click on your photo or initials in the top right corner of your Uptick account).

Permissions on the Users page

  • Any user can view the entire list of everyone in the account.

  • An Admin can add a user.

  • An Admin can invite a user ("Send Invite" button) and send another invitation ("Resend Invite").

  • An Admin or manager can edit some user details. See the section below.

(See article View and edit users on the Users page for more details on the Users page.)

Editing user account details

Who can take what actions to edit a user's account:

  • Edit a user's name: only the user, once their account has been confirmed

  • Change/edit a user's email address: only the user, once their account has been confirmed; an Admin, before their account has been confirmed

  • Edit a user's title: user, user's manager, Admin

  • Change a user's manager: user's manager, Admin

  • Deactivate (delete) a user: only an Admin

  • Granting or removing additional user permissions (making someone an Admin, Review Approver, Account Owner): only an Admin

From the Users page, click on a user's name to view their account details. Make any permitted changes, then click "save".

Changing a user's manager

An Admin can change any user’s manager. Or, a manager can make the change for one of their own direct reports.

On the Users page, click on a person's name to view their account details.

Under “Current Manager” click the dropdown and choose someone else. All users who are currently managers will be listed first in alphabetical order, and after that all other users in the account are listed in alphabetical order. “Has no manager” is also an option if they do not have a manager in Uptick.

If the user has a 1:1 set up, once the manager is reassigned and the changes are saved, that 1:1 with the previous manager will automatically be archived.

Additional Permissions

If someone has additional account permissions it is noted with labels next to their name on the Users page. The only permission that does not show a label is "review approver".

On the Users page, click on a person's name to view their account details.

Click the "Additional Permissions" dropdown to add or remove permissions for the user. Then click "save" and their permissions will automatically be applied. (The edited user may need to do a page refresh if they already have Uptick open.)

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