Customize your 1:1 questions when you are creating a 1:1, and you can edit or change them any time. (Only managers can edit a 1:1.) 

To edit an existing 1:1, select a user on the My 1:1s page, and from the Actions menu in the top right corner choose "Edit". This opens up the 1:1 setup.

In the 1:1 setup process, you customize the questions you want to ask on the "Choose set" and "Edit questions" steps.

1:1 setup step: "Choose set"

A set is a grouping of 1:1 questions. Use the "Uptick Starter Questions" set or create your own question set to use for your team.

Don't want to use a set? Just deselect any selected set, and move to the next step.

1:1 setup step: "Edit questions"

This step is where you do your fine-tuning for the individual user you are setting up or editing the 1:1 for. Here, you add in any required information (like setting up objectives for your team member), and you can add in

Customize your 1:1 questions in a set and/or for an individual 1:1.

Whether you are creating or editing questions in a set or for an individual 1:1, you can change the text, change the question category, delete a question, reorder a question, or change the frequency of a question.

To edit question text, just click on the text and begin typing. Edits are saved automatically. Use the undo and redo arrows at the top of the page as needed.

To remove a question, click the trash icon to the bottom right of the question.

If the Uptick questions on objectives, priorities, and virtues are removed, they are saved as options to re-add (under the "Add Question" button at the bottom).

To change the frequency of a question, click on “Every 1:1” and you can select “Every other 1:1”.

To change the question's category, click on the current category and a menu will appear allowing you to make a different selection.

To reorder a question, hover over the question and a small grid icon appears along the upper left - drag and drop the question into position.

To add a new question, at the bottom is an "Add Question" button. Click to add in a new custom question, a deck, or if you are not using the Uptick questions on objectives, priorities, and virtues they appear as options.

Have a question about how to edit your 1:1 questions? Or want to chat about what to ask in a 1:1? Send us a chat message. We'd love to connect!


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