With the Uptick search tool, you can easily find content from any of your 1:1s. From any page in Uptick, click the magnifying glass 🔍 in the top right corner to get started.

When the search window opens, you’ll see “Filter by” options in the left sidebar. Any “Recent Searches” appear on the right for you to click on, so you can easily return to an earlier query.

Search results will appear on the right when you select at least one filter to search by. You can easily combine any of the filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Using Search Filters

1:1s with: Select this filter to narrow your search results by who you’ve had a 1:1 with. Click the “Enter a teammate’s name” dropdown and you’ll see a list of all team members that you’ve ever had a 1:1 with in Uptick (including deactivated users), or you can start typing a name to filter the list. 

You can select multiple users at once, and uncheck the blue checkbox to remove a user from the results. 

Written by:  Use this filter to view 1:1 information from a specific user (or multiple). Click the “enter a teammate’s name” dropdown and select a user’s name, or start typing to filter the list. Once you select a team member, only 1:1 responses written by them will be displayed on the right. 

Categories: Filter results by 1:1 topic. The categories you have set for the questions in your 1:1s will appear here as options. Uptick default categories are Objectives, Priorities, Productivity, You & the Team, and Values & Virtues.

Date Filters: You can filter results by an automatic date range or apply a custom date range. To create a custom date range, click the calendar icon to the right of each search box, or type in a date manually.

“Saved for review”: Selecting this filter displays all comments that have been marked “saved for review” in a 1:1.

Viewing your search results

Search results will display by the date of the 1:1 and show questions and comments in the order they appear in the 1:1. 

In the top right corner of the search results, you’ll see a “Most Recent” dropdown. This is the default order of the results, and can be changed to “Oldest First” by clicking on the dropdown.

If you hover over a response in the search results, the header that displays the user's name, question category, and date will turn blue, allowing you to click. Clicking here will take you directly to that 1:1. When you return to Search, all your filters will be saved.

The blue “Reset Filters” button in the top right of the left sidebar will display the number of total filters you have applied. Clicking the button will reset all of them. If you uncheck all filters manually, all results from all 1:1s will be displayed. 

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