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Question sets

What are question sets and how they work

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A question set is a group of 1:1 questions created by a manager for their team. A set is especially helpful if you have multiple 1:1s and want to have the same questions for all of your team members.

Sets make creating and updating 1:1s faster and easier – no need to write the same questions over and over for each person. And when a set is edited, anyone linked to that set will have their 1:1 updated.

Sets are manager-specific, not shared across an organization.

Example scenarios

If you have a team of 4 direct reports and you want to ask all 4 people the same 1:1 questions:

  • Once you create a 1:1 for the first team member (start with a template, or build a 1:1 from scratch), you can save the questions you set up as a custom question set, and then you can select that set at the beginning of the setup process when you create a 1:1 for each of the other 3 team members.

  • Or, you can create a set from scratch on the first step of the setup process (the Templates page). Once created, then you can select that set from the Templates page (under the Question Sets heading) when creating each of your 1:1s.

If you have different departments reporting to you and want to ask roll-specific 1:1 questions:

  • Perhaps you have both sales and marketing team members reporting to you. You could create one question set geared towards sales roles and one question set geared towards marketing roles, and use the appropriate question set for each team member when creating or editing a 1:1.

How to create and use question sets

If you are setting up a new 1:1, sets are visible on the first step of the setup process (the Templates page):

If you want to create a question set for your team, we recommend starting by creating your first 1:1

At the end of the 1:1 setup process Uptick asks if you want to save the questions you customized. Click "Create set" if you'd like to save them, and you'll give your set a name (like "My Team's Questions").

Saving your questions as a set just gives you the option to apply the questions to other team members' 1:1s, linking them together. When you create another 1:1, your custom set will be an option you can select at the beginning of the 1:1 setup process (under the Question Sets heading on the Templates page).

Uptick Starter Questions is there as a default option

  • If you'd like to make edits to that set, you can save the changes as your own.

  • On the Templates step of the 1:1 setup, click the 3-dot menu next to this set name and choose "Edit set". A window will appear, allowing you to make changes. You'll be prompted to rename the set, once you click save.

If you'd like to build a set from scratch, click "Create set" on the Templates page of the 1:1 setup

  • You'll start by giving your set a name, and then choosing any questions you'd like to include.

  • The Uptick questions on Goal tracking, Action Item tracking, and Values & Virtues appear as options to add, or you can create your own custom questions or add in Decks.

  • Choose a frequency for each of the questions, select a category for any custom questions, and drag & drop the questions to reorder them.

Once you click "Create set", the set will show up as an option to use when creating or editing a 1:1. There is no limit to how many sets you create.

If you have existing 1:1s, sets can be accessed by going in to "Edit" any one of your 1:1s (via the My 1:1s page). Or, sets can always be accessed from the Templates page of the 1:1 setup, even if you are not planning to set up a new 1:1.

Have a question about sets? Or want help setting up a 1:1? Send us a chat message! We'd love to help out πŸ™‚

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