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How to add your billing information
How to add your billing information

Add billing information and upgrade to Uptick's paid plans

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Uptick's Standard Plan provides access for 6 or more people, unlimited history, Zoom or Teams calendar integrations, and 1:1 Insights for Admins πŸŽ‰

(Note: Billing information can only be managed by the account Owner. To see the user with these permissions, check the Users page.)

How to access billing and plan options

In your Uptick account, navigate to the Admin page (click the 3-dot "More" menu and choose "Admin").

On the Admin page, click on the icon on the far right that corresponds with "Billing".

On the Billing page you will see the plan options. For the Standard Plan, click to select your desired billing frequency – paying "monthly" or "annually". (Annually saves you 25%!)

Click the "Upgrade" button when you have made your selection and are ready to add payment information.

On the checkout page, you'll see the details of your plan selection on the left, and the necessary payment fields on the right.

The quantity reflects the number of users that have been invited to their account at time of upgrade. If more users are invited after you upgrade, they will be added to your subscription at a prorated amount.

Complete all payment fields, then click "Subscribe" at the bottom to submit your information.

That's it! The Billing page will then reflect your current subscription.

Ready to upgrade your account? Visit the billing page to get started πŸ‘‡

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