How to deactivate a user

A user cannot delete their own Uptick account, however a user can be deactivated by an Admin or account Owner via the Users page.

If you are an Admin/Owner:

On the Users page, click on the team member's name and change their user status to "Deactivated". Deactivating a user archives any 1:1s associated with the user, and does not allow them to login to their account.

How to delete your Uptick account (entire account, all users)

The account Owner has the ability to delete the entire Uptick account for their organization. This is found on the Billing/Plans page (More > Admin > Billing).

"Delete my account" appears below the plan options, so on some screen sizes you may need to scroll down:

If you are currently paying for an Uptick plan, you will see the option to delete your account on the Billing page (More > Admin > Billing):

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