Many of you have looked for better ways to do 1:1s so that you can build momentum in conversations with your team members.

Use decks to let Uptick add fresh questions to your 1:1s every time you meet.

What is a deck?

A deck is a collection of questions that you can add to your 1:1. They're organized by topic, such as productivity or professional development, and curated by Uptick.

Each time you meet, Uptick will "shuffle the deck" and choose a random question to populate in the 1:1. Once all the questions have been asked, the deck starts over.

One question could be a miss on a particular week, but the next one might prompt a really fruitful, deep conversation. Using decks will bring variety to your 1:1s without managers and team members needing to do anything!

Browse the decks, and select one from the list to add it to your 1:1.

How to add decks to your 1:1s

You can add as many decks as you'd like to a 1:1. Only one question from each deck will be displayed per 1:1. Once you've added a deck, it is removed from the list of options.

Add a deck to an individual 1:1

On the "edit questions" step of the 1:1 setup, click the "Add Question" button at the bottom and select "Decks".

Add a deck to a question set

When you start building a question set from scratch you'll see decks appear as options to add in. Once the set has one or more questions added to it, you can access additional questions and decks via the "Add Question" button at the bottom.

Once you've added a deck to your 1:1, click the "shuffle" icon to browse the questions

This shows you the questions that will be cycled through. The question you end on will be the first one used. Uptick randomly picks a question from this deck to use in each of your 1:1s, and once all the questions have been asked, the deck starts over.

How does a question from a deck look in a 1:1?

For both managers and team members viewing a 1:1, a question from a deck shows up just like any other question but with a "decks" symbol in the upper right corner. Hovering over the symbol tells you what deck the question is coming from.

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