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How do I make a user a manager?
How do I make a user a manager?
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Uptick will automatically recognize that user is a manager once another user has been assigned to them.

This reporting relationship can be assigned manually by an Admin via the Users page. Or, a user will automatically become a manager in Uptick if they create a 1:1 and add someone as a direct report via the 1:1 setup process.

Example of making a user a manager via the Users page

Cora is a user in Uptick who was not previously a manager. But now she has become a manager and Rand will report to her.

To make Cora a manager and allow her to set up a 1:1 with Rand, click on Rand's name and in the user details window under "Current Manager" select Cora's name from the list:

Once you click "Save", Cora will now be a manager in Uptick and will have the "Manager" label next to her name. When she goes to set up a 1:1, Rand will automatically appear in the list as a direct report she can select.

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