Add a user when creating a new 1:1

Anyone can add a new user by starting the 1:1 setup process to create a new 1:1.

The first step is to choose a team member, and if you'd like to add someone new click "Create new user". You'll be asked for the user’s first name, last name, and email. They will not receive an email right away, only once the 1:1 setup has been completed.

Admins can add a user from the Users page

Any Admin user can add new users directly from the Users page. Click the blue “Add a User” button in the top right corner. Fill out the new user’s first name, last name, and email address. Title and manager assignment are optional.

Click the blue “Send Invite” button next to their name, and they’ll be sent an email invitation to join Uptick.

Admins can add a group of users using bulk upload

Any Admin can utilize the bulk upload format to add groups of users all at once. Bulk user upload can be found on the Admin page under Account Settings. Download the template to use the correct format.

Added users will not receive any emails or invitations to Uptick unless they have been invited from the Users page (by clicking the "Send Invite" button) or if a 1:1 has been set up for them.

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