What is a 1:1 in Uptick?

And how do 1:1s work?

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What is a 1:1 in Uptick?

A 1:1 (or "one-on-one") in Uptick is a meeting set up between two people for 15-60 minutes, recurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

We strongly encourage 1:1s to be set up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis because we believe that meeting frequently and intentionally is the key to strengthening relationships and making real work progress.

For 1:1s in Uptick, one person is in the "manager" role – the person who manages the setup of the schedule, questions, etc., and the other person is in the "team member" role – the person who responds to the questions and shares their responses.

The types of 1:1s that can be set up:

  • A manager setting up a 1:1 with a team member

  • A team member initiating the setup of a 1:1 with their manager

  • A second manager (if a team member reports to more than one person)

  • A skip level 1:1, set up by someone in either the "manager" or the "team member" role

  • A 1:1 with someone on a project team, set up by someone in either the "manager" or the "team member" role

The workflow: how 1:1s work in Uptick

  • Once the 1:1 has been set up, the person in the team member role is able to login to their account and the 1:1 is in their court.

  • The team member responds to the 1:1 questions ahead of the upcoming meeting, and shares their responses, which then makes the 1:1 visible to the manager. (See "How to fill out a 1:1".)

  • Ideally the manager has enough time to at least skim through the responses ahead of the 1:1 meeting time, and can add any comments as desired. This workflow helps both people come to the meeting with shared context, and you can spend your time together focused on talking about the right things.

  • While meeting, how you conduct the meeting comes down to personal preference! Both people can be viewing the 1:1, and any additional comments made in the 1:1 will show up in real-time for both people (unless you are making a private comment).

  • Once you've finished meeting, and made any additional comments, the manager has a "complete" button at the bottom of the page. Once clicked, the 1:1 is "closed" and the next 1:1 is generated ready for the next time you meet.

Have other questions about how 1:1s work, or something else? Send us a chat message and we'd love to help πŸ™‚

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