Setting up and managing reviews in Uptick can be done only by account Admins.

Admins are able to view all reviews, as well as set up and manage review cycles and the account evaluation form. (It's important to keep this in mind when making someone an Admin.)

Add or remove a user's Admin permissions via the Users page. For more information, see How to edit a user account.

Editing the account evaluation form

The evaluation form is used for reviews in Uptick, and it's the same form for everyone (account-wide). Any Admin can view and edit the form.

Access the form via the Admin page > Evaluation form.

The evaluation form has a set of default questions as an example, but all questions can be edited or deleted, and new questions added.

The questions are all short-answer (text input) with an option to enable or disable ratings. Ratings are done by the manager only, and allows them to score the team member on a 0-5 scale for each question with this option enabled, with 5.0 being the highest score.

NOTE: the evaluation form needs to be edited prior to the creation of the review cycle. If you need to change something on the form, you will need to cancel out of the review cycle creation, edit the form, and then start the review setup again.

Setting up a review cycle

A review cycle can be created by any Admin. There is no limit to the number of review cycles that can be set up, but only one can be started and "in progress" at a time. (And, once it is created the evaluation form is saved for that cycle and cannot be changed.)

Set up and manage review cycles via the Admin page > Review cycles.

Click "New Review Cycle" in the upper right corner.

Name the review cycle and then work through the steps to select dates for the evaluation period and the review due dates.

Example: "Q2 2021"

The dates for the self-evaluations, manager evaluations, approvals, and process completion must all be after the end date of the review period.

If you click "Next" but not all of your dates are in the future from each other, any date that needs to be updated will be outlined in red:

Select participants for the review cycle.

All users in Uptick (except those who do not have a manager assignment) are selected by default, but people can be deselected if they should be excluded from this review cycle.

Preview the evaluation form that you have set up.

The final step allows you to preview the evaluation form. As a reminder, this form is for all users and can't be changed for this review cycle once the review cycle has been created. Exit the review cycle setup if you need to make any changes to the evaluation form.

Then click "Create" and your review cycle will appear on the Review Cycles page. It will stay on the list until you are ready to start it.

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