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How billing works in Uptick
How billing works in Uptick

Pricing information, feature availability and invoicing will be explained in detail here.

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Billing for Uptick is pretty simple, as long as it's simple. 😉 It's our hope that the information in this article will clarify things for you, but it you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Uptick account plans

At this time, Uptick has two plans to choose from:

Free Plan

  • Up to 5 people in your organization

  • 1:1 meetings with your team

  • Searchable history

  • Performance Reviews

  • Goal Tracking

Notes on the Free plan:

  • Additional users can be added to the account, but they cannot be invited to sign in until you upgrade to the paid plan.

  • Everything in Uptick will have limited access to 60 days of history (1:1s, Notes, Reviews, Search, etc.).

Standard Plan

  • 6 or more people in your organization

  • Includes everything in the Free plan

  • Unlimited history

Notes on the Standard plan:

  • You will automatically need to convert to the Standard plan if you would like to have 6 or more active users in your account.

  • Search helps you see the story arc of your team member’s 1:1s, which is great for giving developmental input. It’s also great for reviews! On the Standard plan, you get unlimited search.

  • Notes are an important way to keep track of performance, for both team members and managers. All your historical notes are available on the Standard plan.

  • Having all your 1:1s and reviews in Uptick helps give you and your team a paper trail, making sure everyone is on the same page. It also helps for legal reasons. The Standard plan has unlimited historical access to 1:1s and reviews.

Uptick Billing

  • When you choose the Standard plan, you will have the option to pay monthly at $8/mo/user or annually at $6/mo/user (25% discount off of these prices for early access users).

  • Users added to the account mid-billing cycle will be prorated, meaning they are charged based on the date a team member was activated in relation to the subscription renewal date. We are unable to give refunds for deactivated users, but when your subscription renews you deactivated users will not count against your plan.

  • Your paid plan can be canceled at any time, and accounts will remain active until the end of the billing cycle (end of month if on monthly plan, end of year if on annual plan).

  • If you choose to cancel your plan, you and your team will continue to have access to Uptick until the end of your paid monthly or annual subscription.


  • Because we don't want you to receive an invoice for every user you add (imagine getting 30 invoices when you add 30 users), when changes are made to your plan Uptick will send an invoice within 24 hours of the change. That way you will get one invoice outlining the recent changes...not 30. 😉

  • You can access and download your past invoices at anytime by going to your billing page:

Changing Your Plan

To make a change, start by opening the "More" icon on the left navigation menu:

From that screen, click on "Admin":

From there click on the "Billing" arrow:

From here you can see you current plan and the billing cycle. To change your plan, start by clicking the "Change plan" button:

When you see the plans screen, choose the plan you would like – paying monthly or annually:

Then click on "Switch" when you have made your choice:

You'll then be taken back to the Billing page, where you can see the change you've made and when it will take effect.

For more information check out our pricing page, send us a chat, or contact us at [email protected]

We're here to help!

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