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Getting started with 1:1s
So you set up a 1:1 – what's next?
So you set up a 1:1 – what's next?

Once you've set up a 1:1, here's what to expect

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You might be wondering how it all works, once you've set up a 1:1 in Uptick. Here's how the process works:

And if you haven't set up a 1:1 yet or have questions...

  • Check out the article Setting up a 1:1

  • Send us a chat using the blue chat icon in the lower right (we love to help!)

Once you create a 1:1 the recipient is invited to their account

Once you click "create 1:1", the person you set up the 1:1 with is sent an email notifying them, and an invitation to Uptick if they've never accessed their account before.

Once they login, the questions that were set up in the 1:1 are "live" and ready for them to respond to at any point.

The My 1:1s page view is similar – including talking points, action items, and past 1:1s

They see a blue button in the upper right corner that says "Fill out 1:1", that they click to open and view the entire 1:1:

Once they respond to the questions in the 1:1, there's a button at the bottom that says "share 1:1 responses". Once that is clicked, then the responses are visible to the other person.

Once the responses have been shared, you'll see a green label indicator on the My 1:1s and be able to open up the 1:1 and prepare for your meeting together:

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