Setting up a 1:1

The steps for setting up a 1:1 in Uptick

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Step 1: When you are setting up a 1:1, the first step is to choose what kind of a 1:1 it is (who you are going to meet with):

  • A manager setting up a 1:1 with a direct report

  • A team member initiating a 1:1 with their manager

  • A second manager (if a team member reports to more than one person)

  • A skip level 1:1, set up by someone in either the "manager" or the "team member" role

  • A 1:1 with someone on a project team, set up by someone in either the "manager" or the "team member" role

Step 2: Decide if you want to start with a template or from scratch

Step 3: Fine-tune the questions on the "Edit questions" step

Step 4: Choose an existing user, or add a new user

Step 5: Set the 1:1 meeting schedule

Step 6: Complete the setup and invite the other person

If you have questions at any point, use the blue chat icon in the lower right to send us a message - we're here to help 😊

Watch: How to set up a 1:1 video walkthrough πŸ‘‡

Start by choosing what kind of a 1:1 you'd like to set up

Are you meeting with a direct report, "my manager" (where a team member can initiate the 1:1 setup), or "someone else"?

Selecting "someone else" allows for skip level, additional manager, and project team setups:

If you already have 1:1s set up and are looking to add a new 1:1 for another person, on the My 1:1s page click "Add 1:1" in the upper left corner. This will bring you into the 1:1 setup.

Decide what questions you want to ask in the 1:1s

Use a template of questions from Uptick to get up and running in no time – templates include goal tracking, action item tracking, and rotating questions from Decks. Or choose "start from scratch" to select your own questions manually.

Once you click on a template, the preview appears to the right. When you've made a selection, in the upper right click the blue button "use this template".

If you have any question sets created, you will see them appear below the templates section as options to choose from. A set is a grouping of 1:1 questions created by a manager to use across their team. Read more about question sets.

Fine-tune the questions you want to ask on the "edit questions" step

  • Questions outlined in yellow require more information before the setup can be completed. (Like the goals question, which requires the manager to add a team member before any goals can be added.)

  • Click "Add question" at the bottom of the page to add additional questions, like a custom question or a Deck. Decks are collections of questions organized by topic, that give you variety each time you meet. (Read more about Decks.)

  • Re-order questions by dragging and dropping them. Hover over the top left outside edge of a question, and an icon will appear. Click and hold, and drag your curser to move the question to a different order.

  • Change the frequency of a question by clicking the dropdown "every 1:1" and changing it to "every other 1:1".

  • Delete a question by clicking the trash can icon.

  • For any custom questions you create you can select a category from the drop down list. These category names are helpful for search purposes – they do not show in the 1:1.

  • If using a set, questions that are part of a set are noted by the yellow "link" icon. If you want to edit or remove the set from this 1:1, click the 3-dot menu to the right of the yellow icon.

Once you have your 1:1 questions set up the way you want, click "Next" in the upper right to continue.

At the very end of the setup, you'll be asked if you'd like to save your questions as a set to use for other team members.

Choose an existing user from the list, or create a new user

Choose a user from the list, or create a new user (first name, last name, and email address).

They won't receive an email until the 1:1 setup has been completed.

If you don't see your team member's name in the list but know they have an Uptick account, talk to an Admin to make sure you are assigned as that team member's manager in Uptick. (Not sure who an Admin is? Check the Users page.)

Set the recurring meeting schedule

Select a start date, every or every-other week frequency, meeting time, and duration.

If you enable calendar event invitations, when the 1:1 is created Uptick will generate a recurring calendar event and send to both manager and team member. Any future changes made to the 1:1 schedule in Uptick will generate an updated calendar event.

Uptick accounts on a paid plan can integrate Teams or Zoom meeting info.

Complete the 1:1 setup, and your team member will be invited to Uptick

When you're ready to complete the 1:1 setup, click the blue "Create 1:1" button in the upper right corner.

Uptick will ask if you want to save the questions, which will create your own "question set" that can be used for your other team members. This is helpful if you want to be able to link people to use the same questions. Read more about question sets.

Once you confirm that you want to invite the user to the 1:1 you've created, they will receive an email notification letting them know they have a 1:1 set up and inviting them to their Uptick account.

Not quite ready to complete the 1:1 setup? Save the 1:1 as a draft.

In the upper left, click "Save & close draft", and your work will be saved and you'll be taken to the My 1:1s page. The 1:1 will be saved under the "Drafts" section in the left sidebar.

  • To continue editing the draft just click on it, or click the 3-dot menu on the right side and select "Edit".

  • To delete the draft, click the 3-dot menu on the right side and select "Delete".

Have a question? Or want some help? Send us a chat. We're here to help! 🀝

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