On the Users page, you can view everyone in your organization that has been added to Uptick. If you’re an account Owner, Admin, or Manager (shown by a label indicator next to your name) you’re able to make edits on this page, per your permission level. If you do not have any additional permissions, you are only able to view and filter the list of users.

How to filter on the Users page

The Users page shows all users in your organization's Uptick account, no matter your user status. The “Filter By” feature in the top-left corner lets you easily view users by status, manager, and more. The default filter is set to show all active users.  Click “Active Users” and a dropdown will appear allowing you to change the user filter. 

“Show All” will display both active and deactivated users.

“Managers" will display everyone with a Manager label indicator. This label refers to anyone who has at least 1 user assigned to them - either through adding a user on the Users page or through the creation of a 1:1. “Users Without Managers” shows a list of all users who don’t have a manager.

You can also narrow down users by manager. For example, clicking “Managed by Leslie Knope” shows you all the users Leslie manages:

The filter you apply will remain even if you decide to go to another page or log out of Uptick. If you want to switch back to the default view, set the filter to “Active Users.”

How to add a user

An Admin can add new users directly from the Users page. Click the blue “Add a User” button in the top-right corner. Fill out the new user’s first name, last name, and email address, and you’ll have the option to specify their title and manager. That’s it! The user will appear on the Users page. Click the blue “Send Invite” button next to their name, and they’ll be sent an email invitation to join Uptick (see How to Invite Users).

If you’re not an Admin, you won’t see an “Add a User” button on the Users page. The only way you can add a user is through the setup of a 1:1 (see Getting started with 1:1s).
In the 1:1 setup, the first step is “Who will you meet?”, with a dropdown menu labeled “Select an employee.” When you click the dropdown, you’ll see “Create new user.” All you have to do is add the new user’s first name, last name, and email. As soon as you complete the 1:1 setup, they’ll be sent an email invitation to join Uptick.

How to invite a user

Anyone can invite a user to Uptick by completing the setup of a new 1:1 (see Getting started with 1:1s). If you’re an Admin, you can also invite new users directly from the Users page.

Everyone listed on the Users page has been added to Uptick (see How to Add a User) but any user who has the option to “send invite” or “resend invite” next to their name has either not been invited or hasn’t logged in to confirm their account yet.
[screenshot showing employees with no blue button, “Send Invite,” “Resend Invite,” and “Send All Pending Invites” button]

Invite Buttons:

  • “Send Invite”: The user was added to Uptick through the Users page or a 1:1 setup, but hasn’t been sent an email invite yet. Clicking this button will send an invite so they can confirm their account.
  • “Resend Invite”: The user was sent an email invite at some point, but hasn’t confirmed their account yet. Clicking this button will send another email to remind them to join Uptick.
  • “Send All Pending Invites”: If anyone on your team has “Send Invite” or “Resend Invite” next to their name, clicking this button will send them all an email invite.

How to deactivate a user

Only an Admin can deactivate a user. This will prevent that user from signing in to Uptick and will archive their 1:1s.

To deactivate a user, on the Users page click on the user’s name and a pop-up window will appear. “User Status” is shown as either “Active” or “Deactivated” - a green dot to the left indicates the user’s current status. Click “Deactivated,” and then click the blue “Save” button in the bottom-right corner.

You’ll get a pop-up message to confirm your decision. The message will remind you that a deactivated user can no longer sign in Uptick, and that all the user’s 1:1s will be archived, but preserved. Click the red “Deactivate user” button to deactivate the user.

You’ll get a Success message, and the user will now have a “Deactivated” label next to their name. To view deactivated users, use “Filter By” in the top-left corner to change your list to either “Deactivated Users” or “Show All.”

How to reactivate a user

To reactivate a user, just follow the same process as deactivating by clicking the user’s name, changing their “User Status,” and hitting the blue “Save” button. You’ll also see a blue “Reactivate” button when you mouse over a deactivated user’s name. Clicking this will instantly reactivate the user.

Reactivated users will be able to sign in their accounts and see all their past data. However, their 1:1s will remain archived.

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